No matter how smart or experienced you think you may be, you should always have a mentor if you want to reach your full potential. Even Robert Herjavec – one of the most successful entrepreneurs today –has mentors he admires and looks to for advice. Here’s why having someone to look up to is so valuable:

Mentors can inspire you

The road to success won’t always be an easy one, but having a mentor who inspires you can make all the difference. Oftentimes, learning about the trials your mentor has overcome can play a large role in the inspiration they give you. This can be vital to your success. “People who rise from hardship to achieve wealth have been my [role] models,” shares Robert. However, your mentor’s past isn’t the only thing that can make you feel inspired – sometimes, it’s their admirable qualities and traits. One of Robert’s personal mentors that he admires is the doctor that treated his mother’s cancer, Dr. Amit Oza. “I recognized a purity of purpose in Dr. Oza, He is someone whose skill, dedication and drive represents a model for me,” Robert says. “Dr. Oza has become one of my heroes.”

Mentors can teach you

Part of being an entrepreneur is always continuing to learn new things, and one of the best things about having a mentor is how much they can teach you. Remember, no matter how successful you are, you can still learn from others. “I have been fortunate to meet a number of my personal heroes and discuss their approaches to achieving success,” says Robert. One of those heroes that Robert learned a lot from was Issy Sharp of Four Seasons Hotels. “His goal was to build the greatest hotel chain in the world. I loved how simple that goal sounded, and I decided to apply it to [my own business],” Robert adds. Remember – even if your mentor isn’t in the same industry as you, you can still learn a lot from their business models and ideas.

Mentors can become friends

Sometimes, your relationship with a mentor can extend beyond formal business and turn into a friendship. Robert explains that you shouldn’t just lean on your mentors for professional advice or business opportunities, but for support and direction in your life as well. “Dedicate time to providing the same benefits to them when called upon,” advises Robert. Making and maintaining these relationships with your mentors – and making sure they’re a two way street – will be truly invaluable. Just remember what Robert says: “There are few places for successful lone wolves in any business.”

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