Self-doubt is something that most people struggle with at one point or another, but if you want to reach your full potential, you can’t let it hold you back. Try following these five tips from Robert Herjavec if you want to leave self-doubt in your past.

Don’t overthink things

The first steps on a new journey are the hardest. You’re nervous, inexperienced, and terrified of making mistakes. However, the best way to get past those feelings is usually to just get started without overthinking. “The best way to get past doubt and inexperience is simply action,” says Robert. “Thinking too much leads to paralysis by analysis.” While we certainly don’t advise rushing into anything without taking proper precautions, you should remember that becoming obsessive or overthinking can be just as detrimental. If you want to overcome self-doubt, you need to stop overthinking.

Keep a journal

Everyone feels self-doubt sometimes, but if you want to move past it and become the best version of yourself you can be, you should start keeping a journal. Writing out your insecurities or feelings of doubt can help get them out of your system, and writing down small, simple goals can help you hold yourself accountable and track your progress. “Write down no more than five or six goals for your businesses and consult them on a regular basis,” suggests Robert.  Sometimes it’s easy to focus solely on your end goal, but being able to look back at small goals you’ve achieved over time can keep you from feeling burnt out, discouraged, or doubtful.

Stop worrying what other people think

Whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you’re an experienced business owner, you’ve probably let what other people think get you down at least once. However, if you want to overcome self-doubt, you have to stop obsessing over other people’s thoughts and opinions. “In our fear, we may imagine someone’s opinion of us, but there is no way to know what they are thinking. We don’t have that information unless we are mind readers,” says Robert.  And even if someone is vocal about their negative opinions or thoughts? It shouldn’t matter – this is your journey, not theirs. Just remember one of Robert’s favorite mantras: “Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.”

Expect failure, and don’t let it get to you

Failure isn’t fun, but it’s a part of life and you have to expect it. Cut yourself some slack. Everyone makes mistakes, and no mistake, no matter how large, should be the end of your journey; it should just be a learning experience. “I don’t look at failure as death, I don’t look at failure as finality. I just look at it and pick myself up and say, ‘we shouldn’t have done that’ and move on,” says Robert. Failure and rejection will happen no matter how smart, experienced, or talented you are, and you can’t let it get you down. “Being overly sensitive to rejection can become a destructive virus,” warns Robert. 

Celebrate every win

Occasional failure might be inevitable, but if you want to overcome self-doubt, you need to remember to focus more on your wins than your losses. Every win – no matter how small – deserves acknowledgment. “Even if it’s just a matter of sharing high-fives, we all celebrate in our company whenever we achieve a goal.” says Robert. “When you hit or exceed [those goals], celebrate and aim higher.” Celebrating each and every win is a great way to stay positive about your business and accomplishments, which in turn will encourage you to keep working harder and setting more goals.

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