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Please click the Register tab on our website or call (800)-206-0464 to register over the phone.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please Email info@willtowinmethod.com or call (800)-206-0464 to be registered manually.

Yes, you can register up to 4 guests! You can add your guest by clicking the link at the bottom of your registration confirmation email. Please keep in mind, your guest will not receive a confirmation email. Your ticket is valid for you and your guests so you only need one.

No. If you have completed the registration process, you are registered and will be able to check-in at the event using your name.

The event usually lasts 2 1/2 – 3 hours depending on audience and questions. Check-in starts 30 minutes prior to the event.

Yes. If there is another date or venue in your local area that better suits your schedule, please Email info@willtowinmethod.com or call (800)-206-0464 to reserve your seat for a different event.

No refreshments are provided. 

Unfortunately, we discourage bringing children to the event so that the other program participants are not distracted by children moving around and they can get the most out of our event.

Business or business casual attire.

We frequently add new cities to our lineup and we may make it to your area in the future! Follow us on Facebook where we’ll make official city announcements.

Unless otherwise stated, Robert will not attend this particular event; however, a trusted member of Robert’s entrepreneurial team will be presenting on his behalf.

We don’t have specific information on parking as it is determined by the venue. Please visit the venue’s website for more details on where you can park and if there is a parking fee.

The program covers various business strategies and techniques. For example, business structures, funding, marketing, and sales techniques. Through Will To Win Method you’ll be able to learn strategies for starting/growing a successful business.

The session is free of charge. Although, we do offer additional content and resources, such as training workshops, mentoring, one-on-one coaching services, and advanced events, which are made available for purchase to those who attend the event. However, the purchase of additional content is not required.

We offer significant discounts at our live event because it costs much less to train one-to-many than one-on-one.  For that reason, nearly 100% of our sales are made at live events and we would encourage you to attend one of our live events before purchasing any of our courses.  If you would like to order at single retail rates, however, please feel free to do so by calling our Customer Service retail sales number: 800-771-6558.

Please call our Customer Relations team at (800) 771-6286 for assistance.

No. Will To Win Method was founded on the principles and strategies Robert Herjavec has learned through his extremely successful career. Will To Win Method has a simple goal — to help others achieve financial freedom like Robert Herjavec through education, hard work, and determination.