Pursuing entrepreneurship isn’t always easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or if you’re already on your way, consider following four of Robert’s favorite tips to ensure your success.

Make a timeline

Robert Herjavec once said, “A goal without a timeline is simply a dream.” This quote holds especially true when starting or growing a business. If you find yourself regularly making comments like, “I hope to break even eventually,” or “Someday, I want to hire an assistant,” you’re not doing yourself any favors. Change those statements to, “I hope to break even by May,” and “I want to hire an assistant next month.” Setting goals with a specific timeline holds you accountable and puts you on the path to success. Remember what Robert says: “’Someday’ isn’t a real day like Monday or Tuesday; it’s just another word for ‘never’.”

Surround yourself with like-minded people and support

It’s often said that a person becomes the average of the five people they spend the most time with. If this is true, why would you remain close with people who don’t support your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur? Or people who don’t have any goals or ambition of their own? Human beings are like sponges – we absorb what we’re surrounded by. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with hardworking, driven, and supportive people. “Enthusiasm is contagious,” says Robert. Find other entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes before. Surround yourself with hard workers who have motivated themselves and will help you stay motivated, too. Make friends you can learn from and who will guide you in the right direction. Their support will be invaluable.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Whether big or small, taking risks can be nerve-racking. However, you need to remind yourself that no successful entrepreneur ever made it big by playing it safe 100% of the time. “The more you avoid risk, the less likely it is that you’ll achieve all that is possible within your own capabilities,” says Robert. It’s clear that taking risks is an inevitable part of being a successful entrepreneur, but if you’re still feeling uneasy, try to run a test before committing fully, or ask a more experienced entrepreneur for their input and advice.

Don’t go spend crazy

If your business is going well, it can be tempting to splurge and reward yourself. After all, who wouldn’t want a nice vacation or new car after months of working around the clock? However, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn to resist the urge to spend, especially in the beginning. “Be extravagant with your dreams, but practical with your expenses,” says Robert. Wait a couple of years before you start spending your profit on luxuries. You’ll thank yourself later.

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  1. I have a question that many others may have as well. Will there be a portal or a method of sharing confidential inventions or ideas.

  2. Thank you so very much for those words of wisdom Robert. I’m glad I read them and I’m happy to finally be putting my dreams into fruition! I have been an adventure for so long I’ve come up with many wonderful items although I’ve never done anything more than a few prototypes. That will change this year when I come out with my own brand. Thanks once again.
    Jeffrey Shelton

  3. Thank you! Looking forward to this, and also excited to go to the shark tank open casting calling March 14 up in LA! I’m certain you will all love my invention 🙂

    Michael Langsdale

  4. Thank you Robert! I am looking forward to attending your event and learning even more about continuing my journey as an entrepreneur.

  5. Robert you are a true inspiration to me and I’m sure to millions of others especially coming from another country and accomplishing your dreams and goals then in turn helping others rather than simply enjoying all of the rewards yourself. Much respect! I hope to meet you someday soon. Chris Cashanova Dunphy

  6. Hopefully you can help with some advice for me… I started a business did all the steps listed and still failed! My circle of successful friends are even baffled by the failure. Hope to talk more on this point with you if the opportunity presents itself.

  7. I am very excited about this wonderful opportunity, I love the Sharks and I believe this is my time and moment to shine with my amazing brilliant business, not trying to be overly confident, however I’m more than ready to move forward, learn and grow, thank God and thanks for the opportunity to learn your skills and methods. See you soon!💕🍾💕😊

  8. I am looking forward to the seminar. I will be attending with my business partner and his spouse and my business consultant. My daughter is 18 and has also been an entrepreneur since she was 14. It’s a true blessing to have this available to us, on a local level. I am already putting some of Robert’s suggestions into motion and will be adding the others.

  9. It’s great to be part of this event. I’m so excited to attend and hear the grand advice for growing my business! Thank you Robert for composing such aid. It’s truly anticipated!

  10. Thankyou for those 4 tips…the more i think about them the more i can relate and certainly appreciate the sound wisdom and reasoning for them. I hope to learn allot more wisdom and inspiration from the meeting on the 20th…im really looking forward to bringing my dreams into reality…THIS YEAR!! 😉 see… I already put what i learned into action by putting a time frame on when 🙂

  11. I’m a single mother of two beautiful daughters. Their father passed away two years ago and we have struggled everyday since. I’ve had so many ideas but for my business/organization but I doubt myself a lot. Hopefully attending this event and listening to Roberts words of wisdom and surrounding myself with people that have goals or they’re already successful entrepreneurs will give me the encouragement I lack to shoot for the stars! 💫

  12. I am extremely privileged to be able to come to one of your seminars and for for free .i can’t wait to hear your words and sponge in as much information and guidance as possible .Im ready to strive for success!
    Thank you again for making this possible
    -josh Cotto

  13. “Be extravagant with your dreams, but practical with your expenses” That is how I have been living and how I want to remain even when I become a successful entrepreneur.
    Any wasted resource could be someone’s opportunity for a better life. Angelica F. White

  14. Great read! I think there’s also something to be said about getting burnt out. You want to sprint as fast as possible at the beginning, but depending on the type of business you won’t be able to sprint forever because you’ll be exhausted after the sprint. Of course, having a like-minded team will help with motivation. This might be more relevant for startups rather than small businesses, but can you comment a little about pacing your efforts to prevent burnout? Thanks in advance!

  15. I have been an entrepreneur since 1999. I have a Bachelor (91) and Masters (92) degree in Industrial Engineering and special certificates from the top IE school, GA Tech. My business is in supply chain consulting. I am also an inventor (genetically – I come up with inventions easily and help others). However, I have major health problems and at the point of deciding to continue with dreams and visions or retiring.

  16. Hi my name is Sheldon & i’ve been in a “financial hole” for quite some time now not really being able to keep a basic job because i know i have more talent than a basic job can offer. my problem is exposure & guidance to the right things that can be beneficial to my life & living situation . any advice or influential guidance u can offer ?

  17. Hi robert weve read the four tips and love your words of support and confidnce I’m looking forward to attending the meeting with all my heart cant wait to be impowered by your wisdom for business to learn and see what comes next gby.

  18. Very informative, loved the saying “The goal without a timeline is just a DREAM”.
    Thank you for sharing.

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