Juggling entrepreneurship with your personal life might always be a challenge, but following these 3 easy tips can help you achieve the balance you’re looking for.            

Schedule Everything Ahead of Time

Working from home and not having to answer to anyone might seem like a dream come true, but oftentimes people don’t realize just how blurry the lines get between your work life and your personal life when this is the case. One easy way to prevent this is to formally schedule absolutely everything, even the fun things that aren’t work-related. Robert used to meet with his assistant and kids’ school counselors to go through their upcoming events so he could put them on his schedule months in advance. “Because of that, I never missed a swim meet. I never missed a school play. I never missed anything,” he says.  As a hardworking entrepreneur, you should do the same.  Even if you have to work 12 hours next Monday, try to put quality time with your family on your calendar from 7-8pm, or your schedule a calming walk through your neighborhood from 12-12:30.  Putting it on a calendar in advance will help you stay organized and hold yourself accountable. “Plan as much as you can and stick to it,” Robert says.


When starting a business, it’s easy to get so obsessive about it that you only trust yourself to handle things. At some point, though, this becomes detrimental to your success. There are only 24 hours in a day and overworking yourself will be harmful to both your mental health and business. Therefore, you need to learn how to delegate. When you’re really swamped, give up some of the more simple stuff to friends or family offering to help, and once you’re financially able, hire professional help to take on bigger tasks, too. Although it can be nerve-wracking to give up responsibility at first, it will get easier as time goes on. Plus, remember what Robert always says: “If you’re not a marketing person, you didn’t start the businesses to do marketing, so don’t do it.”

Learn to say no when you need to

“To be productive as possible, you have to learn to say ‘no’ and to say it often,” says Robert.

Although it can be tempting to say yes to every opportunity that presents itself, remember that everything will suffer if you try to overexert yourself or if you agree to part take in projects that don’t make sense for you or your future. “When you’re an entrepreneur, when you’re leading a business, everybody wants a piece of you,” says Robert. Remind yourself not to give up those pieces unless the payoff is equally as beneficial to you as it is to whomever is asking.

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  1. I learned this once, when I used to work for big company in Russia as senior manager and like it, because it gives me good results! Can’t wait to come in for this seminar.

  2. Thank you very much for these tips! I’m an entrepreneur and owner of HighMountainHoney. It gets hectic a lot with trying to balance it all, but I’m working on it each day scheduling time to walk round the lake by my house throughout my work day to rest my brain. I watch your show all the time! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I read this a couple weeks before the seminar and I’ve already put these things into action in my life which I had never done before! It work and it feels natural now. I can’t wait to learn the rest! Love Shark Tank my favorite show. I’ll be on there someday. I have many practical inventions!

  4. Healthy Work-Life Balance is so important. Great information. This is very required for long term success, staying healthy and happy with any career even if you are not boss. However, if you are an entrepreneur, you may have the personality to overwork because you enjoy it but not realize the bad affects it has on your healthy life.

  5. Thanks. I didn’t see the start time until after I registered. I have a volunteer obligation Saturday mornings. Perhaps I can come late. When does it end?

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